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Darrylyn Swift and the Snapshot Training team are definitely leaders in developing new leaders. 6 months ago I was in an individual contributor role and I wanted more. I took the Ignite Your Career and the Management Bootcamp, which definitely prepared me to go after the promotion I knew I deserved, and I got it. The Management Bootcamp taught me the skills I needed to develop trust with my new staff and build confidence in my delegation and decision making skills. The added benefit is, by adding the coaching package, Dee helped me negotiate a 22% increase in my income.

Bruce P. Director of Environmental Consulting, Silicon Valley, CA

The Snapshot Training Team has created programs that seem to be tailor made for me. I have an MBA and I'm pretty confident about my technical and functional skills, but my interpersonal skills needed to be improved. The worksheets and activities in the course really make me reflect on my skill gaps and how I can enhance those skills and be a better office administrator. 

Monisha Q. Insurance Administrator, Overland Park, KS

During the 3 months I've been having coaching sessions I have completely changed my strategy on how I'm changing careers and going after the job I want. I've learned how to read job descriptions so I can identify what's important to the hiring manager and learned how to tailor my resume to fit the job and highlight my transferable skills. I now know how to dissect a job description and how to prepare to answer interview questions with confidence. I've learned different interviewing techniques and now that I'm implementing them I've noticed the difference and have more confidence as I'm going after the job of my dreams.

Clayton S. Probation Officer, Albany, NY