Ignite Your Potential! Fast Track Your Career Development

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Course Description:

This program will prepare you for infinity and beyond!

In this pre- management program, you will position yourself to be the right candidate for the job by enhancing your skills and igniting your potential. Transform yourself into the candidate every employer NEEDS and gain the skills to boost your image, ace any interview and land your dream job.


  1. Individuals looking to advance their career development
  2. Individuals seeking to change career paths



Companion courses:

Leadership Essentials

What you will gain (Learning Objectives):

  • Strategies to help you come across as personable and hireable

  • Techniques to enhance your brand

  • Tools to ace any job interview

  • Skills to land the position of your dreams

  • The knowledge to identify your best  assets and use them to boost your career

  • Practical ways to make yourself memorable to employers

Course outline:

Module 1: Boost Your Image

  • Attitude is everything: Part 1
  • Attitude is everything: Part 2
  • Get Branded - Do people view you as you do
  • Get Branded - Be remembered for what you do
  • Business Etiquette

Module 2: Landing the Position

  • Behavioral Interviewing
  • Strategies for landing the position of your dreams (course needed)
  • Give your resume a facelift
  • Using Social Media to Land a Job