Teams that Work! Leading Efficient and Effective Teams

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Course Description:

Are you ready to develop a high functioning team that works well together, increases productivity, facilitates innovation and works well together? Take your team to the next level by harnessing your team's creativity, skills, and abilities to produce tangible results. In this program you will learn about the 3 “D’s” that make your team tick: Team Development, Team Dynamics, and Team Demographics. With a thorough understanding of teams, you will then learn to lead by engaging. empowering, and motivating your team to produce results.


  1. Managers
  2. Supervisors
  3. Team Leads
  4. Individual Contributors Who wish to lead highly impactful teams



Companion courses:

Leadership Essentials

What you will gain (Learning Objectives):

  • Skills to be an impactful leader

  • Techniques to develop high performing  teams

  • Tools to identify and overcome obstacles and effectively handle challenging team situations

  • Skills to promote team communication, collaboration, and trust

  • The leadership savvy to identify individual assets to boost total team productivity

  • Practical ways to empower your team  to assure positive outcomes

  • Best practices for interactively engaging your team

Course outline:

Module 1: The 3 D’s: Team Development, Team Dynamics, Team Demographics

  • Stages of team development 1
  • Stages of team development 2
  • Stages of team development 3
  • Change management 1
  • Change management 2
  • Understanding diversity
  • Unconscious bias and how it affects decision making

Module 2: Leading and Engaging High Performing Teams

  • Words that empower
  • Team huddles: 10 Ways to effectively hold a team huddle
  • Engaging your team interactively (course needed)
  • Creating high functioning teams through communication and trust
  • Facilitating Meetings that produce results
  • Making Your teal Gel: Creating cohesiveness and overcoming challenges