Management Bootcamp for the 21st Century Leader

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Course Description:

Are you or one of your employees 1 in 2 million? That’s the number of people who are promoted into new leadership positions every year or managers that take on new responsibilities. Unfortunately, many people are not provided with the strategies and tools to be successful. The skills that got you where you are won’t necessarily get you to the next level of enhanced skills. SAy benefit. This program is a bundle of more than 25 courses that will provide you with comprehensive tools to enhance your efficiency and effectiveness as a manager. Unlike technical skills, leadership concepts are best learned interactively. If you were promoted from within, recently changed jobs, or are well-established in your current role, this program will help you understand management and supervisory roles, styles, and responsibilities. Use our 360 degree assessment tool to help you develop an action plan to become the best supervisor or manager you can be.  

If you’re looking to deepen your understanding of management responsibilities, leadership, human resources, employee motivation and how to effectively manage individual and team’s performance, participation in this program is a must! We will provide you with the strategies, tools and techniques that will help you be a confident and successful leader in the 21st century.


  1. Managers with 1 - 5 years of leadership experience
  2. Supervisors
  3. Team Leads
  4. High potentials who want to be seen as a leader



Companion program:

Teams that Work! Leading Efficient and Effective Teams

What you will gain (Learning Objectives):

  • Explore and develop leadership competencies that create a XXX of effective leadership
  • Practice leadership competencies and how to apply leadership skills such as:
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Assertive Communication
  • Develop leadership philosophy and culture representing the vision, strategies and values of the business
  • To ensure that the graduates from the program implement leadership knowledge and skills through focused evaluation and follow-up
  • To create a ”Change Coalition” and pool of future Leadership that drive change initiatives and projects
  • To create a sustainable, common
  • Provide people with potential with tools and competencies for self development

Course outline:

Module 1: Understanding Authentic Leadership

  • Authentic Leadership: Character Matters
  • Authentic Leadership: Understanding your story
  • Authentic Leadership: Leadership Styles and their impact

Module 2: Management Must Do’s

  • Transitioning into management
  • Understand the expectations of management
  • Create your 90 day success plan
  • Lead effectively: Focusing on the people side of business
  • Engage individuals, groups and teams
  • Effective Delegation Skills
  • Managing Effectively with task decomposition
  • Goal Setting 1
  • Goal Setting 2

Module 3: Performance Management

  • Developing Performance Goals
  • Growth Mindset: Coaching and Motivating Staff to Enhance their Performance
  • Assessing staff’s skills using the 9 box matrix and organizational competencies
  • Conscious Competence: Enhancing you and your staff’s skills
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback to Impact Behavioral Changes
  • Providing Effective Feedback Using the STAR Model
  • Preparing to Hold Difficult Conversations
  • Conducting Difficult Conversations (with discussion planner)

Module 4: Managerial Decision Making and Problem Solving

  • Decision Making - What’s stopping you
  • Decision Making tools and strategies
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Creative Problem Solving

Module 5: Conflict Management

  • Assessing conflict
  • Guide the team or company through the crisis situation
  • Resolving workplace conflict through collaboration

Module 6: HR Basics for Non-HR Managers

  • Understanding the most common HR laws (FMLA, ADA, etc.)
  • When to involve HR professionals, identify the warning signs

Program Includes

  • 6 hours of on demand video
  • Access on laptop and mobile
  • Worksheet Activities
  • Leadership Assessment
  • 10 hours of PDU (Professional Development Units)
  • Certification